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Some people have difficulty in conducting a rapid self-test and the test does not perform as it should.

“Knowing your HEALTH STATUS is BETTER than not knowing at all.”

A non-reactive result (negative result) means that no HIV antibodies have been detected from both the oral sample and/or the blood sample.


If your result looks like this, it means the test did not work properly and you need to do it again.

For further guidance, contact us by clicking here to order your test kit again.


Whether you’ve tested reactive or non-reactive, below are the links for you to receive the care, treatment, and even the counselling you need.

Like all screening tests, there is a small chance of the test showing a positive result when you are really negative. Therefore, it is crucially important that any reactive test must be confirmed with a traditional laboratory blood test a.k.a confirmatory testing.

HIV Treatment can help you to live a long, healthy life & prevent transmission to others.