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What is next?


1. A positive result is considered a preliminary positive and means that HIV antibodies were found. A confirmatory test needs to be done.

2. To get this confirmatory test done, please contact our Case Workers (link of case worker directory to be inserted) to set up an appointment to do the confirmatory test.

3. You could get our Case Workers’ assistance in obtaining your Confirmatory test result as well.

4. If you are uncomfortable in sharing your HIV Self Test result OR Confirmatory result, you could also go directly to the Government or Private clinics. Please find a list containing some of the clinics here. (list of clinics to be inserted)

5. Getting everything done can feel like a challenge, however you are not alone and we have people who can help you in dealing with these processes. HIV treatment is free at the Government’s clinics, so do not hesitate to call our Case Workers in your area to talk and find out more.

6. If you're not comfortable to our case worker here is the link of our private and government clinics


1. A negative result means that no HIV antibodies are detected. Antibodies are a response of your body to a virus or infections. This will find any exposure which happened six weeks prior to the test or before that (window period). A non reactive test means a person is HIV negative.

2. if you think you are exposed to any form of risk, you are recommended to do HIV testing every three months or minimum twice a year.

3. How to stay negative? Use condom and water-based lubricant consistently. Another way is by taking Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP).

4. Find out more about the cost and the availability of PrEP here (insert Mypreplocator)

5. If you want to get free condoms and to get assistance on HIV and STI testings, contact our Outreach Workers in your area (insert OW link)


If your result looks like this, it means that the test did not work properly and you need to do it again Click here to start again or contact us for further guidance.

Whether you’ve tested reactive or non-reactive, below are the links for you to receive the care, treatment, and even the counselling you need.