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Hepatitis C Self-Testing Study

About Hepatitis C virus (HCV) self-testing study

About the study

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to learn more about why getting testing and treated for hepatitis C is important for your health

You don’t know if you are at risk for hepatitis C?

You doubt you are at risk but want to know your status?

Are you shy or worried about your confidentiality by going to a clinic for screening?

Click on “JOIN THE STUDY NOW” and receive a free hepatitis C self-testing kit for FREE*

*Terms & conditions applies

Duration of the study: 1 September 2021 – 30 June 2022

Contact us if you have any enquiry: jomtest.hcv@gmail.com

Whether you’ve tested reactive or non-reactive, below are the links for you to receive the care, treatment, and even the counselling you need.