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Know Your Status

JOM TEST offers low-barrier options to self-testing and linkage to care:

  • Lay my fear to rest.
  • Defy the stigma.
  • Seek advice from professionals
  • Ready to love and be loved.
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Our Commitment

Linkage to Care

Experienced counsellors & peer navigators nationwide.


A discreet confidential services


We are committed to empowering the community to take charge of their health.

JOM TEST is a service

User-centered platform, with a diverse team of highly trained and knowledgeable professionals, tailored to the needs of the community.

This includes scaling-up and evaluating low-barrier options for accessing self-testing for HIV, Hepatitis C and other infectious diseases.

We want to reach the undiagnosed and give people choices about how to link to the care they need.

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Are you ready?

Our research programs are sharing free self-testing kits and asking questions from the people who will use them so we can learn how to improve the testing and care in Malaysia for policy and service development.

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Why do self-testing?

Self-testing opens many doors by removing some of the barriers people face in getting tested for HIV, Hepatitis C and other infectious diseases; such as:

  • Lack of access to a healthcare provider,
  • Travel and wait times, and
  • Concerns about confidentiality and stigma.

Self-testing promotes greater privacy, autonomy and the potential for community connections through innovative distribution programs and secondary distribution from one self-tester to another.

Whether you’ve tested reactive or non-reactive, below are the links for you to receive the care, treatment, and even the counselling you need.